Friday, February 12, 2021

Listen: Unwed Sailor has released the single "Blitz" from their upcoming album "Truth or Consequences"

"Welcome Unwed Sailor to the Spartan family! We’re beyond thrilled to release the band’s latest moody and cinematic journey 'Truth or Consequences' on May 14th. Heavily present, driving, and stacked bass lines; wandering and evolving song structures; soaring crescendos and moody diminuendos; and, of course, a gripping sense of cinematic storytelling — it’s all there on Unwed Sailor’s seventeenth release in the last two decades. Pre-order the album now on limited edition LP / CD / Cassette / Digital or as part of some amazing merch bundles. All pre-orders include an instant download of the song and the full 'Truth or Consequence' download on May 14th." See a video teaser for the album right here.