Thursday, February 25, 2021

Listen: Mangled Carpenter releases 2-song EP featuring The Hanging of Judas and FishVomit

Two new tracks from Mangled Carpenter's forthcoming album are out! Do you remember old-school "45's" on vinyl? Well, this is a Digital 45 (D45) with an A-side and B-side!

The songs are "The Hanging of Judas" (about Judas' betrayal and ultimate demise) and FishVomit (about Jonah's adventure inside a giant fish and eventual projection from said fish onto the shore).

You can download them digitally from their record label Hagah Recordings Bandcamp page for only 2 bucks!: Also, if you like heavy music and are on Spotify, please follow Mangled Carpenter and add the songs to your heavy playlists. That helps spread the word around more than anything.

Here's the Spotify Link:

Thanks so much for your support and Crank it up!

*The full album releases later this year. Stay tuned!