Friday, January 22, 2021

The Huntingtons release their early material as "Foundations, Vol. 6 (Cricket Brown Cow)

"Two months after our 'Joe Christmas Playin' On The Stereo' demo, we haphazardly packed our gear in a U-Haul trailer, hitched it up to my car and drove to Marietta, GA with our friend, Luke, to record our first album. At this point, we had been a signed recording artist for more than a year, and, with all of the home recording we had done, we were chompin' at the bit to record a proper studio album. Our label had recruited a producer we all knew and highly respected to work with us, Chris Colbert. They also secured a place for us to record, sleep and gig at, the Strand Theatre." Read more from The Huntingtons at their Facebook page.