Monday, January 11, 2021

New X-Men team series "Way of X" stars Nightcrawler

"Way of X" is written by Si Spurrier with art by Bob Quinn. A release date for the Marvel Comics series hasn't been set yet. Mutantkind has built a new Eden... but there are serpents in this garden. Some mutants struggle to fit in. Some mutants turn to violence and death. And the children whisper of the Patchwork Man, singing in their hearts...
  Only one mutant senses the looming shadows. Snared by questions of death, law and love, only Nightcrawler can fight for the soul of Krakoa. Only he - and the curious crew he assembles (including fan-favorites Dr. Nemesis, Pixie and Blink) - can help mutants defeat their inner-darkness and find a new way to live. This is the Way of X.