Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Lazarus Complex Discusses Movies, Music, and More

After a couple of months off, we're back with our first interview of 2021. Lazarus Complex play an explosve combination of death metal and hardcore that even goes as far as peppering in some progressive metal influences to keep things fresh. The band is made up vocalist / lyricist / bassist Jake Schultheis and guitarist / drummer / bassist Joe Murphy and our based out of Massachussetts and New Jersey.

Their latest single, "The Redeemer," caught my attention after I noticed Jason Wisdom of Death Therapy and Becoming the Archetype did guest vocals for the track. Being a big fan of Jason and his bands, I gave the song a listen and discovered there was more to this duo than just a special guest vocalist. They deliver a bludgeoning dose of extreme metal that fans of Impending Doom, early Embodyment, Whitechapel, and Thy Art is Murder will immediately latch on to.

I had the opportunity to chat with both Jake and Joe from Lazarus Complex recently. Guess what we talked about? If you said movies, music, and more, then you would be correct. Who are there favorite music artists? What superheroes excite and inspire them? These questions and more are answered in the interview.

,"They also provided me with a teaser of one of the tracks, "Burn," off their second EP coming in late Spring or early Summer. You can check that out at the end of the interview. 

Be on the lookout for their first 5-song EP, "The Hollow," which is releasing on January 31st.

You can get more info about Lazarus Complex on their official Facebook page.

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