Monday, November 30, 2020

Adam Kubert frames Wolverine's 350th issue as having a "James Bond vibe"

Following the X-Men's fall event – "X of Swords", the Wolverine ongoing series celebrates its 350th legacy numbering with an extra-sized Wolverine #8. Creative team, Benjamin Percy and Adam Kubert with contributions from Viktor Bogdanovic, join forces to tell a story that Kubert describes as, "a definite James Bond vibe.... very fast-paced and reckless." Newsarama has the story.

‘Daredevil’ Fans Urge MCU Revival Now That Rights Have Reverted To Marvel Studios

The Netflix movie and TV rights to the adventures of blind superhero Daredevil are expiring today, which means the Man Without Fear could finally be used in any number of ways by Marvel Studios, where the property can be further exploited for film and TV. Who would like to see a continuation of the Netflix show on Hulu and who would want to see the character rebooted? Deadline has the story.

Get The Blamed Christmas EP Now!

The Blamed have a Christmas present for you. Go right now and download their FREE Christmas EP right here.

A little extra info from Bryan Gray:

"Happy cyber Monday. Last year we put out a Christmas record and it’s free, this one isn’t about the E-commerce. It has Tobin from Flatfoot 56 and 6 10 and his wife Vanessa on Hark. Joy features Kris Klein from One21 and Squad 5-0 and his wife Jamie, Borre played keys from Norway and Jim’s kids sang backups. Away features the famous Sally Grayson on Vocals and Jesse Sprinkle on drums. Happy Holidays and love y’all"

‘Doctor Who: Revolution of the Daleks’ Trailer Reveals New Year’s 2021 Release Date

After months of teasing (and an exciting teaser that revealed the return of fan-favorite character Captain Jack Harkness), BBC has finally released the trailer for the Doctor Who “festive” special “Revolution of the Daleks.” I'm not a Doctor Who fan, but I know there are plenty out there. /Film has the story and trailer.

Rosario Dawson reveals George Lucas was on the set of The Mandalorian when she played Ashoka

Rosario Dawson, who played Ahsoka Tano for her live-action debut in The Mandalorian season 2 episode 5, has shared that George Lucas was on-set at the same time as she played the former Jedi. She was hiding in a photo we've all seen. Newsarama has the story.

Pop-Punk Duo Homeplate Will Record New EP For Release in 2021

The pop-punk duo known as “Homeplate” are returning after just a few months from the release of their incredible debut EP, “Derby City”, to record MORE NEW MUSIC. If you're into punk with a pop edge, you should dig Homepage. Indie Vision Music has more.