Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Josh Ashworth's XkahbeX|withghosts, Ash vs. Evil Dead, and Fletch

I started out the morning listening to Josh Ashworth's solo electronic project, XkahbeX|withghosts. As most of you know, Josh was the singer for Society's Finest and spent some time fronting ZAO as well. His new project is extremely dark, personal, and unhurried for the most part. You should definitely check it out if you're into EBM, industrial, or even trance. Some of the lyrics are explicit, so just know that going into it.

I'm finally catching up on Ash vs. Evil Dead. I still can't believe how vulgar and inappropriate a lot of it is. There's some great stuff and the special effects are so incredible. It's definitely a lot of fun, but way more crass "adult situations" than any of the movies. I could really do without that aspect of the show.

My son and I also FINALLY got through my all-time favorite Chevy Chase movie, "Fletch." So many great lines of dialogue in it to quote. I remember watching it over and over again at my Dad's during the summer. Of course, the kid loved it and is ready to watch the sequel. The books by Gregory McDonald are really good, and even better if you read them while picturing Chevy Chase in the part.