Monday, August 17, 2020

Check out the cover for Alar's "Pan-Dem-ic"

Check out the cover for Alar's first single, "Pan-Dem-ic." It will be available through Spotify, Apple Music, and other digital platforms starting September 4th.

The cover photo was shot and manipulated by our very own Matt Wright. The new logo and layout was done by Zach Bard of Dollhouse Recordings fame. We think it all turned out awesome!

The release will feature three different versions of "Pan-Dem-ic" for you to listen to based on your sonic tastes. "Pan-Dem-ic (Vehement Master)" is for those who like the higher end of the production sound. "Pan-Dem-ic (Resonant Master)" is for those folks who like to feel the low end. "Pan-Dem-ic (Radio Master)" is exactly what the name suggests - a nice, safe middle-of-the-road version to ramp up our radio visibility (haha). Listen to whatever is your preference... or listen to them all!

Alar's "Pan-Dem-ic" features Jason Widom (Death Therapy, Becoming the Archetype), Abraham Barberi (My Place Was Taken), Rick Roman Jr. (New Society), Matt Wright (Primary Censor, Abstain), and Eric Shirey (Primary Censor, Coarse).