Monday, July 20, 2020

Paws Unite for Cats and Dogs 3 (Trailer)

I don't really know who asked for this or how it got made, but Warner Bros. seems to think there's an audience for Cats & Dogs 3. I actually enjoyed the original film, but never saw the sequel because I was warned not to. The third entry in this franchise is going straight-to-DVD and that really shouldn't surprise anyone since part two was considered a box office bomb. Check out the trailer after the jump and make your own decision.

Honestly, I'm all for a little low-brow silliness and this looks like something kids ages 5 to 10 will enjoy. I'll no doubt end up seeing it someday. Even if the trailer doesn't grab your fancy, I'm sure you'll enjoy this punny synopsis of Cats & Dogs 3.

Gwen the Cat (Melissa Rauch) and Roger the Dog (Max Greenfield) are secret agents who covertly protect and save the world without humans ever finding out. Their partnership is due to the Great Truce, which has stopped dog and cat hostility for a decade. But the long-standing peace is threatened when a supervillain parrot (George Lopez) discovers a way to manipulate wireless frequencies that only dogs and cats can hear! Will the heroes be able to stop the foul fowl, or will he cause a cat-a-strophe between the species?

Cats & Dogs 3 will hit homes sometime in September.