Friday, July 17, 2020

O.G. Captain Marvel Goes on a Home Quest in Shazam: Lightning Strikes #1

The Original Captain Marvel gets his own DC Digital First title and issue 1 kicks things off on an emotional level. There's nothing worse than someone getting bullied and I've got a pretty good feeling from this sneak preview of the debut that Shazam ain't going to stand for it. Dan Jurgens does a great job of grabbing you by the feels in the first few pages. Combine that with Travis Moore and Nick Filardi's art talents and you're almost guaranteed a winner if you pick up Shazam: Lightning Strikes #1.

A class trip to an exhibit on Ancient Egypt goes all wrong when Billy tries to set a bragging classmate straight. Now they’ll have to work together to help a lost spirit find its way home!

You can get Shazam: Lightning Strikes #1 right here.