Friday, July 31, 2020

David Napier of TIMORATUS Discusses Movies, Music, and More

If you're looking for safe and typical metal, you've come to the wrong place. TIMORATUS is anything but your carbon-copy heavy music or hardcore band. Singer and founding member David Napier is self-described as being a bit ADHD. It stands out in TIMORATUS's unconventional blend of metal, electronic music, indie rock, and comedy.

You never know what to expect when tuning in for a new tune from TIMORATUS. One album is doom metal, another grindcore, the next song could be one of the tracks off of their latest album, "My Life in a Mediocre Metal Band." In that case, you'll no doubt be pleasantly surprised with an unorthodox mix of genres or a humorous skit that pokes fun at the music industry and themselves.

I sat down to speak with David Napier the day after their new album, "My Life in a Mediocre Metal Band," hit streaming services worldwide. Our conversation ended up all over the place. You might have guessed that a possibility from two individuals who can't seem to concentrate on one thing at a time.

David and I chat about the new album, faith, musical influences, horror movies, his wife - Courtney - who fronts TIMORATUS, and a bunch of other stuff. You know - movies, music, and more. Brace yourselves and get ready for a sensory overload.

You can check out more from TIMORATUS on their Facebook page.