Friday, June 5, 2020

Watch: Russia's First Superhero Takes Off in 'Major Grom: Plague Doctor' Trailer

Russia is getting into the superhero movie game with the upcoming 'Major Grom: Plague Doctor,' which sounds like a mix of 'Batman,' 'Dirty Harry,' and 'V for Vendetta.'

St. Petersburg's quiet life drastically changes when a mysterious vigilante dressed as a medieval plague doctor appears in the city.

Declaring that modern Russia is "plagued by injustice", he begins to "cure" it by murdering the people who at some point of their lives have escaped retribution for their crimes because of their financial and social positions.

The society is shaken up: everyone questions the Plague Doctor`s true status – is he an agent of chaos or a noble justice warrior?

However for Police Major Igor Grom and his rookie partner Dima Dubin what matters most is that the Plague Doctor is a coldblooded murderer who must be stopped by any means necessary…

Based on Bubble Comics' comic book series, 'Major Grom: Plague Doctor' is the first superhero film out of Russia.