Monday, June 15, 2020

Preview: Take a Look at Variant Covers and 9-Pages from Dark Nights: Death Metal #1

DC provided an extended 9-page sneak preview of the series debut of 'Dark Nights: Death Metal' #1. The issue hits digital platforms and stores tomorrow, June 16th. It is written by Scott Snyder with artwork provided by Greg Capullo. Check out the preview and my thoughts on it after the jump.

Just to get it out in the open right away, I'm walking into this preview of 'Dark Nights: Death Metal' #1 completely blind. I didn't read and of the other 'Dark Nights: Metal' books. That being said, I will tell you that this first issue looks absolutely bonkers just walking into the story-line from off the street. The creators involved in the event all have nicknames based on song titles from metal bands, and everything I'm seeing and reading totally matches that mindset. Whether the overall story is good or not, I can't say. They have my attention, though, based on what I'm experiencing here.

"'[Death Metal]' was always about the DCU suddenly finding itself in a moment of tremendous darkness. The thing that really hit us, as we were writing it, was not how dark it is - it was always going to be dark. And it’s got a lot of humor in it, just so you know. Just like the first 'Metal,' it’s meant to be a bit of a riot, in a crazy way," writer Scott Snyder shared with GamesRadar+.

Check out a bunch of the cover variants and the sneak preview for 'Dark Nights: Death Metal' #1 below. To see the full sized images, right click after opening the image and select "Open in a New Tab."