Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Preview: 'Bird Box' Book Sequel Follows 'Malorie' on More Adventures

Author Josh Malerman penned a sequel to 'Bird Box' entitled 'Malorie,' which hits physical and digital bookshelves on July 21st.

In the followup, "Malorie and her two children, Tom and Olympia, survivors of an unknown entity that causes people to commit suicide upon seeing it. Ten years after finding salvation in a school for the blind, Malorie and her children find a new home but must confront the creatures once again after Malorie learns there's a possibility that there are more survivors all these years later."

With the success of the film adaptation of 'Bird Box' on Netflix, I can only imagine this means we'll get a 'Malorie' movie sooner than later.

You can read an excerpt from 'Malorie' right here.