Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Listen: SWARM and Man Ov. God Release 'Drag Me Down'

Industrial outfit SWARM and death-hop artist Man Ov. God have partnered together for the track 'Drag Me Down.' SWARM is a one-man dark-industrial bass project made up of Brandon Carroll from Jacksonville, FL. Man Ov. God is the side-project of Brook Reeves from Impending Doom, which blends together hip-hop and death metal in an extremely dark and unique way. The marriage of these two artists for one song couldn't be more perfect.

'Drag Me Down' is an anthem for the down-trodden and those who suffer adversity and other such trials and tribulations. The lyrics inspire the listener to pick themselves up and rise above the pain and suffering we are all dealt in our lives at one time or another. They're dark and dreary, but hopeful at the same time.

"Drag Me Down was not written about current world events, nor was it intended to be released during them. Nevertheless, I believe the song’s message is important; now more than ever. This is why I have decided to not cancel the release on Wednesday," Brandon Carroll shared on the SWARM Facebook page. "

"As my team, Man Ov God, and I collectively watched these horrific events unfold, we decided to donate all income from this song to ActBlue, who will split the donation between 38 community bail funds who fight racism & police brutality," he continued.

Anyone who is a fan of industrial or electronic music should definitely check out 'Drag Me Down.' It seems like industrial music is making a comeback of sorts, and SWARM and Man Ov. God are at the forefront of the renaissance. Check out the individual projects wherever you stream music.