Friday, April 10, 2020

Azusa's Sophomore Album, "Loop of Everything," Coming to Stores April 10th - See Their Latest Promo Clip, "Monuments," Now [VIDEO]

"Loop of Everything," the new release from supergroup Azusa, hits digital platforms and stores today.

The band features Eleni Zafiriadou (Sea & Air), Liam Wilson (The Dillinger Escape Plan), Christer Espevoll (Extol), and David Husvik (Extol). I've been a fan of Extol since they first stepped foot in the States back in 1997.

I met Extol at Texas Rockfest in Marble Falls, TX. I was manning a booth for my record store, Inner Chamber Music. Even then, I knew they were something special as they hopped on the bed of a truck trailer in 100 degree weather. They commenced to attacking their instruments in a sea of windmilling hair.

An expansive voice, pummeling chords blended with melodic picking, booming percussion and bottom-end plucking all blend to create Azusa. It's a unique sound which brings to mind the best of female-fronted rock bands and the brutality of death and melodic metal. Check out the video for Azusa's single "Monuments" and pick up the new record now!

Azusa have inked new partnerships with Indie Recordings and Solid State Records to release “Loop Of Yesterdays”, the highly anticipated follow up to 2018’s critically acclaimed “Heavy Yoke”. Although equally broad in scope, “Loop Of Yesterdays” finds the band with more to say but less to prove, achieving a more aerodynamic and accessible approach to their intricate sense of song-writing and inherently technical style. On their sophomore release, Azusa step off the tightrope and stand with feet on solid ground.