Friday, November 29, 2019

Xfinity Brings Us the E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial Sequel We've Always Wanted! [VIDEO]

No... that's not tears in my eyes. It's raining here in Texas on this cold and wet Black Friday! Xfinity has taken a pretty cheap shot by using everyone's love for E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial to peddle their cable television, internet, telephone, and wireless services. The Comcast-affiliated giant has dropped an extremely impressive mini-sequel to Steven Spielberg's beloved 1982 classic in the form of a 4-minute commercial. You can check it out after the jump!

The video, entitled "A Holiday Reunion," shows the delightful alien E.T. spending some quality Christmas time with a grown-up Elliott (played by original child-actor Henry Thomas) and his family. Of course, every electronic in the house is made by Xfinity or Comcast. Our favorite alien is exposed to the company's cable services and VR headset in a couple of scenes.

Let's be honest. Who cares WHY E.T. has returned to Earth and our TV sets. We're just all glad to see him here and doing well with his own family. If you grew up watching the movie, I DARE you to make it through this 4-minute short without getting misty-eyed!

Director Lance Acord did a spectacular job bringing back all the heartwarming feelings you experienced seeing E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial for the first time, using John Williams' incredible theme music and recreating some sentimental moments from the original blockbuster. Acord is best known as the cinematographer for movies like Lost in Translation, Adaptation, Where the Wild Things Are, and Marie Antoinette.

Xfinity even had a header image created that is very reminiscent of the art of Drew Struzan. The artist is well-known for his work on posters for Star Wars, the Indiana Jones movies, Back to the Future movies, The Goonies, and many other classics you know and love. It sort of helps bring the nostalgia factor full-circle. The art can be seen above.

The video leaves me with one nagging question: How are Gerty, Michael, and their mother Mary doing these days? Maybe we'll get another sequel commercial giving us some more closure? You're the ones who opened this Pandora's box, Xfinity, so finish what you started!