Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Arthur Has Lost His Mind in Aquaman Vol. 1: Unspoken Water [PREVIEW]

DC Comics releases the new graphic novel Aquaman Vol. 1: Unspoken Water this week and the preview for the book gives us a glimpse into the dark territory it's taking us into. I've been a huge fan of what DC's been doing with the Aquaman character since Geoff Johns re-booted him for the New 52. It's pretty obvious that James Wan's movie has also jettisoned his popularity to new heights.

In the wake of the epic “Drowned Earth,” an amnesiac Arthur washes ashore on a remote island and ends up being cared for by a young woman named Caille, who’s just a little too curious for comfort. And as a lifetime of horror movies has taught us, there’s something strange going on in this island village. Aquaman needs to come to his senses quickly...or he might wind up sleeping with the fishes instead of just chatting with them. Collects AQUAMAN #43-47 by the new creative team of writer Kelly Sue DeConnick and artist Robson Rocha.
This preview does a pretty decent job of pulling you into the mysterious world Arthur Curry has found himself in. The art is great and does a wonderful job of placing you in the moment each panel is taking us to. I can imagine how great it would be to read this on a dark and stormy night all alone.

Posted by Eric Shirey