Friday, September 28, 2018

The Moral Majority: Smallfoot

Smallfoot is an animated comedy with a clear premise about a Yeti whose world is thrown upside when he finds a “smallfoot” human, who, he’s always been told, doesn’t exist. Migo is a young Yeti who’s excommunicated from the village when he declares that smallfoots exist. Migo’s assertion contradicts the infallible stone tablet that holds all the rules and knowledge for the Yetis. Migo, with the help of some new friends that believe him, decides to go find proof that smallfoots are real.

Smallfoot is a cute idea and has a great cast of voices and some fun musical numbers. However, it becomes too philosophical and boring, especially for children. The movie has odd parallels that can be made against Christianity, as well as a Romantic worldview that stresses embracing your fears with open arms. The movie fails to remind young viewers there are real dangerous things in the world that shouldn’t be embraced. On a final negative note, it’s unfortunate to have another animated movie where dim-witted parents are proven wrong by their children. Smallfoot warrants caution for older children.

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