Wednesday, September 19, 2018

The Moral Majority: Next Gen

Next Gen is a TV movie on Netflix set in a futuristic city where almost every family has a household robot for their personal assistance. Mai is a lonely young schoolgirl who misses her dead father and gets bullied at school. When she stumbles on an unusual type of robot, they quickly develop a friendship, taking on exciting new adventures every day. However, the robot’s evil co-creator has a nefarious plan to rule the world. Mai and her new robot friend have to team up to save Mai’s mother and the rest of the world.

Next Gen is entertaining from beginning to end, with action-packed scenes as well as many heartwarming moments. The movie focuses on positive Christian, moral values such as love, friendship and self-sacrifice. Next Gen has very little questionable content. Mai’s robot friend translates a barking dog, turning some of his rude barks into bleeps. There are also a few examples of family dysfunction, plus some action violence and scary robots. So, Movieguide advises caution for younger children who might get a chance to see Next Gen.

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