Thursday, September 27, 2018

The Moral Majority: Hell Fest

The Moral Majority takes a look at Hell Fest this week from a Christian viewpoint. Who is the movie appropriate for and what can we expect going into it? Movieguide breaks it all down and grades films based on their content and possible messages they are trying to convey. Check out what they think after the jump.

On Halloween night, three young women and their respective boyfriends head to Hell Fest -- a ghoulish traveling carnival that features a labyrinth of rides, games and mazes. They soon face a bloody night of terror when a masked serial killer turns the horror theme park into his own personal playground in Hell Fest.

Lacking both plot and story, HELL FEST heavily relies on jump scares, gory theatrics, lighting, and some good cinematography. There’s no character development, including no information on the serial killer and his motive. The filmmakers leave it up to viewers whether the killer is an evil supernatural force from Hell or just insane. There’s no mention of morality, except as a joke or to condemn it. The movie contains excessive foul language, graphic violence, gore, and psychological and physical torture. One character jokes about being a child of Satan and publicly confesses to frequently violating the Seven Deadly Sins. Hell is best described as eternal suffering, which is what watching HELL FEST feels like.

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