Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Home Entertainment Review: Supergirl: The Complete Third Season

When they first started promoting Supergirl I have to admit I thought it looked horrible, but my love for all things comic related thankfully overpowers my opinions most of the time so I gave the show a chance. It took a bit to find its footing, but ended up being a pretty good take on the character. With its follow up season it moved over to The CW where it rightfully should have been from the beginning and looked to up its game. Now fans of the show can bring home the latest season with Supergirl: The Complete Third Season.

​ ​Supergirl follows Kara, the cousin of Superman who was intended to accompany the infant as his protector. Unfortunately, Kara was accidentally diverted into the timeless Phantom Zone for years before finally arriving on Earth decades later and found by her cousin who had grown into Superman. Years later, Kara Danvers is a young professional adrift in a thankless job until a fateful crisis ignites a sense of purpose using Kryptonian powers she had long hidden. Inspired, Kara decides to emulate her cousin's superheroic ways, only to find her foster sister introducing her to the secret Department of Extra-Normal Operations, dedicated to fighting alien menaces including those Kara inadvertently led to Earth. In this latest season Kara Danvers grapples with the sacrifices she’s made personally while saving National City as Supergirl. She even considers covering up her human identity altogether. Being human and vulnerable is hard. Maybe she’s better off embracing her alien DNA and only being the “Girl of Steel.” As Kara struggles with her path forward, she continues to work with Hank Henshaw and her sister, Alex, at the Department of Extranormal Operations to battle all threats to National City, including new villains Morgan Edge, and the “Worldkiller,” known as Reign. Everything Kara’s ever known and everyone she’s ever loved will be tested.

Benoist still looks to be having a great time in the title role and is great in the part. As this show has continued to evolve it has really stepped up its game to feel even bigger this season. While there is the romance drama and nonsense outside of the realm of the superhero story it keeps its feet firmly planted on that focus. Let’s be honest most comics are filled with this same drama whether people want to acknowledge it or not so these shows are just telling similar stories that are in the books in their own way. I was so glad to see this show try to have a more accurate depiction of its villains and not only have Supergirl but still the best live action version of Martian Manhunter to date who gets some great arcs this season.

The ongoing story this season worked great bringing in more recognizable characters both hero and villain of the DC universe. I wasn’t a big fan of the Olsen / Guardian last season, but the character has grown on me and has some great moments this time out. The action is way better this season that it has been with a bigger intergalactic feel and some great epic battles. I really loved this season which is saying something since it was a show I just knew I wasn’t going to like when it was first promoted. The ending of the season is a bit of a downer making you eager to get to see more when the next season kicks off later this year.

In addition to all 23 episodes of the series this collection also features bonus content including a gag reel, deleted scenes, and featurettes taking you behind bringing the super to this series. Be there when the maid of might takes flight once again when Supergirl: The Complete Third Season comes to Blu-ray and DVD on September 18th from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment.

Review by Bobby Blakey - Bobby reviews way more movies on his own website than the genre-specific ones I post here. Check out Bobby's awesome website and his live show he co-hosts with his wife, Drusilla, at Hollywood Matrimony.