Friday, August 31, 2018

Comic Book Review: Batman: Kings of Fear #1

Batman Kings of Fear #1 is the most fun I've had reading a comic in a while. I felt like I had uncovered a lost treasure of the 1980s and 1990s eras of The Dark Knight's adventures. The look and the feel of the book totally captures the whole vibe of those now classic tales, which makes sense when you see who's steering the ship visually.

Batman’s been overseeing Gotham City for years now and isn’t sure how much of a difference he’s making. Doubt, fear and insecurity are starting to take over. And as all of those negative feelings set in the Scarecrow orchestrates a riot at Arkham Asylum to give the Dark Knight one of his greatest challenges yet in Batman: Kings of Fear #1!

I just love the gothic flavor writer Scott Peterson gives Batman: Kings of Fear #1. Artist Kelley Jones enhances his storytelling with the signature handiwork he's become known for like Batman: Knightfall and the vampire Batman trilogy. I love seeing the long-eared Dark Knight in action again.

Batman: Kings of Fear #1 is rated T+ (Teen Plus) for violence, language, and frightening scenes. I'm not really understanding the rating at this juncture, seeing that most of what we find in the debut issue is no worse than anything we see in the main monthly Batman titles. We'll see if that changes in future installments of the limited series.

Former Batman editor Scott Peterson (Batgirl, Scooby-Doo) wrote Batman: Kings of Fear #1. Kelley Jones provided the art. The issue is 32 pages long and came out August 22nd, 2018.