Tuesday, June 17, 2008

EXCLUSIVE! IndyFest and APOTAC's Collectibles Swap Meet - June 17th, 2008

Scotoma Events just wants to say a big thank you to everyone who volunteered, participated in, and helped make IndyFest and APOTAC
's Collectbles Swap Meet a very memorable day for all those who attended. We would like to extend a special thanks to Peter Mayhew, Burton Gilliam, James Hampton, Ed Neal, Lar Park Lincoln, Robert Steffenino, BigFanBoy.com, GordonandtheWhale.com, Bobby Blakey, Mike Hankins, Eddie Medina, Aaron Wilson, and Kristofer Straub for contributing of their time and helping make this a special day for any fans that they got to talk to and sign an autograph for. We had a couple hundred people in the doors throughout the day and our new screening room was much improved over the last few events. Everything went smoothly and it seemed like all the Indy fans were happy with their door prizes and free passes to the advanced screening of "Crystal Skull". If you're an Indy fan and weren't there, you missed a great time. Here are the pictures of the event. We'll be posting more as we get them.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

About Movie Geek Feed

Movie Geek Feed was built from my frustration of constantly rambling around on the internet looking for the latest news that I cared about. I thought it would be cool to be able to get all the news in one place and then venture where I wanted to go from there. My whole idea was to create a sort of Drudge Report for movies. On that note, I'm sure it's a miserable failure. Haha. It basically covers news about sci-fi, action, horror, family, animated, and any sub-genres of the above.

Also, if you're sick of reading the same kinds of reviews and opinions from high-brow, overly critical sources and film school graduates you might be interested in our original content. We believe in entertainment for entertainment's sake. Not every movie has to teach us something or reveal to us a life lesson.

Movie Geek Feed Crew

Eric Shirey (Head Editor / Writer) - This is the guy that posts all day long on a regular basis and tries to balance unsuccessfully his family, work, and all the movies he wants to see.

Contact: scotomaevents@ymail.com

Rob Angells (Media Editor / Consultant / Promotions) - This is the dude who constantly tells Eric that he needs to make the website and promotional materials look better and more professional. He also argues with Eric about what movies suck and are cool. He also is a big help with promoting MGF at movie events and such. Trivia bit: Before he worked with MGF, Rob Angells had a very lucrative career as a pro wrestler.

The Hick (Reviewer / Promotions / Bodyguard) - It's "The" Hick, not Hick. Remember that. This is the man that makes all the promotions happen at the different movie events. Chances are if you've been handed five posters and / or fliers, this is the guy you met. He also thankfully takes up the slack and reviews most of the movies Eric can't get around to seeing. Don't be afraid. He's actually just a cuddly teady bear type.

Contributing Writers:

Steve Norwood - content provider for the Asian Film Festival of Dallas - AFFD

Bobby Blakey from Big Dumb Gorilla Studios

Rick Gutierrez from Amazing Comicast

Victor Medina - www.victormedina.com and Collectorama

Elbow Murderpants - www.bienagiter.com

Reesa Cruz-Hawkins

Jonah Schrowang

William Wells